technology -

towards a deep  ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london 

director: raphael jay adjani

associate: sian ni mhuiri


red cube series


parade ground

rootstein hopkins parade ground

university of the arts london

atterbury street

by tate britain

16-20 april, 2012


david garcia, linda drew

conception, direction


parade ground description

parade ground is the third in the red cube series


a beautiful ‘pollution-dusted’ London sunset with the vast expanse of the parade ground floor - bathed in vermillion red light: by red-gelling the Ground’s flood lights.

a vermillion cube tea house made from plexiglass, at one corner of the green. this is a tea house which during the day is a little sanctuary for people to sit, lie, listen to music, read a book, tap a laptop, send a tweet, and simply enjoy the colourful passing of clouds and people through the vermillion red walls and ceiling. in the evening ‘tea’ ceremonies will be conducted in the red cube. spectators will be able to book for a sixteen-minute slot, from 6-9pm.

accompanying the tea ceremonies in the evening will be a cinematic installation. this consists of video images projected on the wall of tate britain that face the square accompanied by a live score on piano by gifted young composer joey draycott, responding to the mood of the

occasion and the spectators he encounters.

a film that engages with the architecture of the space – tate, university of the arts, london, the river thames, london, the context and mood of the situation, and a wider ecology. the film is called: relationship-place naka-ma.

view naka-ma version for the internet: