technology -

towards a deep  ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london 

director: raphael jay adjani

associate: sian ni mhuiri


current project

a & p - art and philosophy
2012-present day
a & p is the central focus of 8 activity right now and for the foreseeable future.
a & p is a concept where the art school is the art, where the
nature of the education activity is the art. It is a school of sorts but not a solid building with a permanent curriculum. Rather it is school of thinking, with occasional pop up activity by invitation, and a long term aspiration to create a mobile street library and street school for under-privileged children.

red cube series
02 omomuki - atmospheres and deep flavours of space 
inter-active and immersive installation
change the world gallery, omotesando, tokyo, japan
16-18 march, 2012

red cube series
03 parade ground
site-specific architectonic installation 
rootstein hopkins parade ground – ‘the gallery without walls‘     
of university of the arts london,
tate britain, london, uk, 
16-20 april, 2012

other concepts and past projects

relationship-place naka-ma
filmic installation
specific versions for particular situations and contexts
including: atmospheres and online
view version created for internet

towards a poor technology - 8 technology.net
sep 2010 - sep 2011

zero - confluence of art and technology
online copy
personal edition hard copy made on individual request
by ajaykumar and alok b. nandi

zero = every day?
international festivals and online
sep. 2010

inter-active and immersive net art
at turbulence gallery, u.s.a.
admission: £0.00

unrealised project
live art and sonic installation
watermans, art centre, london, u.k., oct. 2011
admission: £10.00 (£8.00 concessions)

performance ecology 2011 portugal
     workshop, lecture and performance presentation
   lisbon, and faro, portugal
   25-27 february, 2011

red cube series 
01 playground
bangkok, thailand
12-26 january 2011

loss 0.5 bangkok
pridhi institute
bangkok, thailand
   23 december, 2010

4D – a tea ceremony
inter-active and immersive installation 
accidental festival, b.a.c., london, u.k., 30 may 2010.
goldsmiths, university of London, 03 mar. 2010

zero (hybrid2)
inter-active and immersive installation
mic – media and inter-disciplinary arts centre, auckland, new zealand,
29 jan. – 5 mar. 2010
admission: £0.00

zero - the aroma of technology the flavour of art to savour being
inter-active and immersive installation
gakushuin college, tokyo, japan
15 dec. 2009
admission: £0.00 by invitation

way of tea - an art of conviviality 
inter-active and immersive installation
kube, gallery, poole, u.k. 
4-24 nov. 2009
admission: £0.00

garden at goldsmiths
installation re-imagining concepts of the the zen garden and, in the japanese tea house, the artistic and aesthetic significance of the alcove (in japanese: tokonoma).
goldsmiths, university of london, u.k.: outside RHB166.
30 sep. 2009 - 30  sep. 2010
monday- friday 09.00-21.00
saturday and sunday 10.00-17.00
except days when goldsmiths is closed
admission: £0.00
images and details at the 8 facebook page

tea ceremonies without the tea
one-to-one inter-active and immersive experiences
goldsmiths, university of london, london, u.k.
oct. 2009
images and details at the 8 facebook page


what is

a tea ceremony

what is

a zen garden

what do we mean by


what is


what is

deep ecology