technology -

towards a deep  ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london 

director: raphael jay adjani

associate: sian ni mhuiri


more about the inter-action and immersion

red cube inter-acts with people on several levels:

i)Its initial impact of surprise and curiosity when it appears overnight in a community – 

extra-terrestrial like - immediately creating a new dynamic in      

the space.

ii)People may enter the cube and engage as they wish to: sit, share, dream, tap a laptop, tweet, see the world anew through red translucent walls, seeing red clouds and people passing by.

iii)There is also a sense of something much more accessible – the space seems small when viewed from the outside and yet expands when inside.

iv)the cube is reminiscent of the tea hut, a space of contemplation and an opportunity to locate oneself and understand interaction and experience as a part of a greater whole, a web of experience that intersects with time, place, season, mood, person, landscape and architecture.

v)Outside the red ‘hut’, five sheets of perspex will be arranged, differently according to the space, so as to reference the journey through the tea garden, journey of transformation form our from the mundane world of the everyday to the sacred space of the tea hut.

  1. vi)There will be additional inputs that relate to the context and 

      mood of each space the work will be in.


red cube series