technology -

towards a deep  ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london 

director: raphael jay adjani

associate: sian ni mhuiri



omomuki - the second in the red cube series -

is an exquisite one-to-one experience between artist and spectator, host and guest. It is an inter-active, immersive space of the sensuous and senses.

inspired by the tea ceremony (japanese: sado = way of tea) – ajaykumar, and 8 ensemble, host an intimate contemporary ‘tea ceremony’ for japanese and international guests: an exhibition that engages with the concept of ‘deep ecology’ with the as well as the idea of ‘relational being’ that is found in asian art and philosophy.

while elements of sado as it is usually understood are altered, the inter-active and immersive essence of it is savoured and cherished in this contemporary conception utilising contemporary technologies. here ajaykumar investigates the significance of certain asian philosophical ideas and aesthetics to evolve an ecology of art, architecture and being.



with thanks to daisuke fujisawa  and naomi ohki for their advice and support.


a guest arrives at the gallery building and is greeted by a host. the guest is offered a seat at the sofa, where the host helps remove the guest’s shoes and offers her/him a pair of slippers to wear. the guest is then guided to the gallery space by the host, viewing, along the way, abstract pictures inspired by japan’s inland sea (seto naikai), tea ceremony, architecture and gardens. the pictures are illuminated by a series of pebble shaped floor lights, evoking a garden path. the gallery walls, floor and ceiling are bathed by vermillion red light: evoking a ‘womb’ or red cube.

inside the gallery space a second host greets them. the first host leaves the guest with the second host. the guest is offered a seat and a glass of water. an evocative film begins, inspired by

deep-ecological ideas found by the 8 artists’ personal exploration of tadao ando’s architectural conceptions. while the guest watches the film, the second host washes and massages her/his feet and attends the guest as the film plays. at the end of the film, the second host excuses himself and leaves the gallery, the guest is momentarily alone in the space. the first host returns and offers the guest green tea flavoured ice cream to savour and a copy of the exhibition catalogue to view. The host waits at a discrete distance, available to respond to the guests needs or queries, and at an appropriate time invites the guest to join the artist in the ‘meeting room’.

In the ‘meeting room’, the guest has the opportunity to enjoy a moment of informal conviviality with the artist/hosts. The guest has the opportunity also, should s/he wish, to order pictures or a copy of the film. The guest has her/his shoes and any other belongings entrusted to the first host, returned, and s/he is bid farewell.

view via the sublime filmic work, version for the internet: naka-ma

conception and direction



eriko kaniwa


change the world gallery, omotesando, tokyo

artists involved

ajaykumar, satomi mihira, sian ni mhuiri, daniel somerville,

akiko yamaguchi

red cube series



change the world gallery

omotesando, tokyo, japan

16-18 march, 2012

conception direction: raphael jay adjani

curation: eriko kaniwa